22.02. – 14.04.2019

Ingrid Becker, Till Megerle and Camilla Steinum


Elbow presents the work of Ingrid Becker, Till Megerle and Camilla Steinum. Pointing to labour, architecture and the physical interaction, Elbow is a presentation of three individual artists who display parallel readings in the encounters that arise between the works. Elbow is an exhibition that could be described as a meeting point between the hand and the brain, the joint that makes movement possible, or the limb that makes us get close to other people – sometimes coming in hard, like a punch.

The elbow of Ingrid Becker (b. 1952) embraces the shape of the object. It gently folds around the object, since it is made to the proportions of the body. Her elbow explores, layer on layer, the construction of volumes awaiting content. The elbow of Ingrid Becker sources materials from nature, and applies intensive labour to process these materials to what is the basis of her medium. Becker’s elbow educates and visualizes movement between historical weaving techniques and experimental ways of applying this today.


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